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: 15 août 2017

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Max Estrella is working since its creation on the promotion of young artists, giving special attention to Spanish and Latin Americans. The curiosity and interest for the problems that the art of the last decades is confronting to has led the gallery to take an interest in all disciplines.

Max Estrella looks for a balance on the exhibitions between well-known artists and emergent ;The objective of the project is to show their work out of their frontiers and to develop permanent relations with international galleries or institutions.

Through the 23 last years, the gallery has organized almost 100 exhibitions being aware of the art market and its situation nowadays.

Galería Max Estrella has decided to create a new initiative in parallel with the existing institution, hosting and promoting projects whose production and reproduction methods are based on social exchange, unfolding new possibilities of expression, analysis, cooperation and commitment.

Those projects aim to fill an existing gap in Spain’s art market with these unrepresented artistic practices. The main objective of this initiative is to give visibility to participatory art practices, engaging the audience in the creative process and questioning about territorial imbalance, transformation of the landscape or the tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage.

Those are some of the reasons why Max Estrella is now looking for the development of a new model of gallery, starting to work not only within the white cube walls but also outdoors, establishing new collaborations and reaching new audiences.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Héritage culturel
 Culture et développement
 Arts visuels

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