: 4 avr. 2016

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LeadArtis is an early stage biotechnology company based in Madrid (Spain) that develops targeted drugs based on its proprietary Trimerbody® protein engineering platform. 

Trimerbody® is an alternative antibody format that employs specific collagen trimerization domains and optimized peptide connectors to provide advantages over conventional antibodies including simultaneous multiple targeting (up to six per molecule), reduced size, higher avidity for targets, and a variety of effector possibilities such as immune system modulation, receptor modulation, soluble factor neutralization, payload delivery etc. Our key therapeutic areas for pipeline development are oncology and inflammatory/autoimmunity.

Additionally, we offer our Trimerbody® platform to partners interested in developing targeted drugs benefiting from the Trimerbody® format which offers promising opportunities over competitors including pharmacokinetics adapted to the pathological context.

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