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: 24 nov. 2021

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Design for Change (DFC) is an international movement that seeks to evolve education by empowering communities, organizations, children, and young people through DFC's methodology based on design thinking. Through the DFC methodological process, participants strengthen in them skills such as empathy, creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, and shared leadership, on which the philosophy of the I CAN MINDSET finds its foundation. Since 2013 DFC has become a benchmark in educational innovation by creating a network connecting teachers and students from hundreds of educational organizations.

The core activity of DFC is to provide teachers and educators with the tools to guide projects with their students to empower them by acting upon the challenges they identify in their environment. In sum, DFC is a call into action that has impacted by 2020 to 30.000 children, more than 400 schools, and 1700 educators in Spain.

DFC's experience in education is based on training educators and teachers with tools for innovation in the classroom and outside of it, putting the student at the center of training and making them the subject of their own development. Thus, from the design thinking and the DFC methodology, solutions are reached to the different challenges of the environment, through a precise and clear method that can be facilitated by the educator and allows the student to develop and strengthen competencies during the process.

One of the values ​​of the DFC methodology is that it is adaptable to pedagogies, other methodologies, and different topics since its flexibility allow working on the issues, challenges and needs that the participants have identified. All DFC projects are especially connected with the SDGs, which has led to DFC being recognized by the United Nations as a driving organization to comply with the 2030 Agenda for offering innovative tools, necessary inside and outside the classroom, to empower those who use them. put into practice, further developing their basic competencies of a global citizen.

In the last 3 years of the 166 projects presented by children and young people with the DFC methodology, 15 of the 17 SDGs have been contributed, with 20% of them aimed at contributing to health and well-being, 23% to quality education, 20% to action for the climate, 18% to the reduction of inequalities.

2019- H2020 INHABIT Project. Project to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable communities in 4 small and medium-sized European cities. 20 partners participate, who will develop actions in 4 cities in Europe. DFCC participates with its methodology by training researchers in cities for the participation of communities in their improvement strategies in each of the cities: Córdoba (Spain), Lucca (Italy), Riga(Latvia) and Nitra (Slovakia)

2020-       Erasmus + QUEST project. Mobility project for the training of young people in innovation    methodologies. 9 organizations from 7 European countries participate and DFC Spain coordinates the project

2020-       Erasmus + Clicks On project. Project for awareness and action against climate change and carbon footprint measurement. 6 organizations from 3 European countries participate. DFC Spain is a partner adapting the methodology to the curricular teaching of environmental education and developing proposals and actions for students from secondary schools in Spain, Italy and France.

DFC follows calls in: training, behavioral change, empowerment of youth and children, teachers trainning, youth goals, quality education, inclusive societies, environment, youth and children participation, SDG action

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 Innovation sociale
 Affaires sociales et inclusion
 Éducation et formation

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