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: 8 juil. 2020

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Consorzio Lavoro e Ambiente is a vocational training agency


Consorzio Lavoro e Ambiente’s main aims are:

• carrying out researches and promoting vocational training for management, private and public institutions, especially in tourism, commerce, e-commerce, environment protection and work safety, information and communication services, marketing services and enterprise organisation;

•  performing training activities for the disadvantaged in the labour market;

• realising  projects for women entering and returning to the labour market, and  improving the community labour market;

• realising any kind of didactic tools, especially with multimedia information technologies and innovative methodologies as game simulation, role simulation and other tools of computer based training (CBT) and long distance training;

• promoting telework in SMEs and public administration.


In 2005 the Italian Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labour and the European Commission (Education and Culture) gave to Consorzio Lavoro e Ambiente the European Label for innovative projects in language teaching and learning for the project and product PANGLOS made in collaboration with Language Solution – division of


CLA was partner and coordinator of many EC Projects funded by Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig and other EC initiatives and coordinator of many projects funded by Italian Regions and Italian Government, like the projects “Expert of Typical Recipes” and “Training for hospitality sector in Molise GAL”, and participated in other projects funded by Italian Government with the law 383/2000 funding.


CLA Supported the implementation of the QSP (Qualification and Skills Passport) in Hospitality sector producing drafts in collaboration with EFFAT and HOTREC.

CLA collaborated to the organization of the Third European Conference of Southern Europe Tourism Trade Unions” promoted in Malta by GWU, preparing the meeting on “Implementing Lisbon Strategy in Mediterranean Area: Equal Opportunity and QSP (Qualification and Skills Passport) in Hospitality sector”.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Gestion urbaine
 Économie numérique
 Apprentissage des adultes
 Développement des affaires

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