ASSIST Associazione Nazionale Atlete

: 21 févr. 2024

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Assist Associazione Nazionale Atlete Aps aims to protect and represent the collective rights of female athletes of all sports disciplines operating at a competitive level, and of female sport operators (coaches, sports managers, communication professionals). Assist also has among its objectives to raise awareness on all issues concerning equal rights in sport, equal access to sport, and the formation of a ruling class that looks to the future with the values of inclusion and gender equality. 
Assist works against harassment in sport through awareness-raising and communication projects and in particular the SAVE Sport Abuse and Violence Elimination project.
Assist organises events and study conferences and produces promotional materials, videos and multimedia productions, often working in cooperation with institutions, in particular through calls for proposals from the European Community. 

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Égalité des sexes

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