Water Online Analysis Europe S.L.

: 4 sept. 2020

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WOLA’s main activity is the development of automated analytical devices based on Biosensor Technology with the scope of satisfying needs for monitorization of biochemical, chemical and microbiological parameters in water, environment and biotechnology

Our automated biosensors (microbial and molecular affinity) which could improve analytical technologies to satisfy special needs in the industry as well as in research.

WOLA have already participated in 9 Frame Program EU projects, Concerted actions of EU( BIOSET; Biosensor Stability; etc…) We specialize in the establishment of analytical strategies and in the design and manufacture of automated biosensor.

WOLA has developed and validated biosensor equipment for BOD, Integral Toxicity and Quantification of Microorganisms. Currently WOLA is developing the SusMedHouse Project (funded by the EU H2020 framework program).


Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Marine et côte
 Gestion des ressources en eau
 Horizon Europe

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