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WOLA as a partner, would like to establish a consortium/association related with EU Projects with high excellence. WOLA can bring its expertise in biosensors technology to the R&D Projects in order to achive the goals of the consortium.

The Integrated Automated Biosensor System (ASIB) that we propose to develop during the project could provide automated monitorization of :

- Total Toxicity in water/liquid samples

- Aerobic Microorgasnisms Concentration in water/liquid samples

- Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

- Specific Microorganisms Detection and Quatification 

- Integration with Paramaters measured by a Multiparametric Device (Turbidity, Conductivity, )

- Technology of affinity biosensors, using magnetic particles to concentrate the analyte, improving sensitivity and reducing the analysis time.

- Identification of specific pathogens (air and water)


Our ASIB Technology would allow to develop specific applications for each area. These technologies could bring significative advances in areas as:

  1. Water Quality for Human Health Protection (developed and developing countries as Africa)
  2. Fishfarms
  3. Irrigation and Greenhouses
  4. Agri-food applications
  5. Control and Optimization of Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW)
  6. Monitoring Wetlands, aquifers, rivers ....
  7. Control of Water Pollutant Industries
  8. Biotechnology applications


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