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: 30 nov. 2018

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We founded Tlnk- Technology and Humanity Colleges,Turkey's first technology college,with the aim of training technologically literate entrepreneurs who will be able to effectively Integrate technology Into their lives and their future business. Our graduates wlll have acquired the competencies and skills to Integrate technology Into their work and to create technological solutions for Improving their jobs regardless of whether they become doctors, painters, engineers or designers.

In our school,from 5th to 12th grade; we support academic, social and cultural developments of our students with special programs by Tlnk Education follow our students lndlvldually and guide them by Identifying their strengths and development areas. We study the Identified development areas and support their strengths with certificate programs.

Our teachers prepare and share !earning contents that are appropriate for the development and needs of each student via TlnkSmart, our artlflclal lntelllgence-based e-learnlng platform which constitutes the foundation of our education system. The development of our students is monitored, measured, evaluated and reported on this platform. With our TlnkSmart learning platform,we prepare our students for natlonal and lnternatlonal exams.

Peer Learning Located at the middle layer of our pyramid,Peer Learning teaches our students to help each other, share what they learned through Instruction and publicly expressthemselves better at an early age. We have special programs which supports developing our peer learning education model such as; TinkActive, TinkArt, TinkClubs, TinkFulness, TinkUp. With peer learning;we teach our students how to help each other at an early age, share Information they learn by teaching,how to become a team member and express themselves better In front of the community.

We design and implement ways through which we can integrate sports into our lives for improvement.

New Age Art: Creativity using technology with a design focus We support the intellectual and personal development of our students with our 3D Design, Digital,Media, Drama, e-Sports, Futurism, JMUN/MUN [Model United Nations), Leadership and Debate, Robotics, Arts, Chess, Sports clubs.

Every Monday morning our students have a 15 minute mindfulness session to learn how to integrate mindfulness into their daily experiences. Created with the goal of instilling the spirit of entrepreneursh ip in younger generations, our TinkUp program provides lessons on entrepreneursh ip and brings together our students and our business , our students can become part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Project - Based Learning

Our students from different age groupsInternalize what they learn by dellverlng solutions throughjoint projects to the problems. Our teachers mentor our students, monitor their projects and support their development. We Introduce dlgltal competencies such as programming, hardware, robotics, web design, mobile appllcatlons, cyber security, game development and animation with our technology programs we have prepared speclflcally for our students. Real Life Experience Real llfe experienceIs the top layer In our pyramid.

On weekends and in holidays,our students enjoy the opportunity to experience real business llfe and put Into practice what they have learned by means of the programs we developed In cooperation with our corporate partners.

Every week, as part of our TinkTalks event, we host prominent figures from different sectors such as; arts, sports, philosophy and business world at our school. Duringthe hourly event, TlnkTalks guests talk about their experiences and share their knowledge with the students in an Interactive environment.


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 Transfert de technologie
 Agenda numérique pour l'Europe
 Innovation & Recherche
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Éducation artistique
 Horizon Europe
 Sciences humaines
 Humanités numériques

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