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: 17 mars 2023

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Yalova OIZ is one the five organized industrial zones that are emerging in the Yalova province of Türkiye. Organized industrial zones (OIZs) are semi-autonomous industrial estates with defined limits each managed by a private administration body and vested with special authorities granted by the law, including granting construction and operation licenses.

Yalova is a small province on the north-west of Türkiye within the close reach from İstanbul, the economic megahub of Türkiye and two industrial powerhouses, the provinces of Kocaeli and Bursa. Combined, these three provinces account for 37% of Turkish industrial output. Yalova is emerging as a new destination for the manufacturing industry in the Marmara Region of Türkiye. The province is known for its world-renowned shipyards accounting for almost 40% of all the capital expenditure in the industry across Türkiye. Other industries that are predominant in the province are manufacture of chemicals and pulp, tourism and fisheries. The new OIZ projects are likely to shift the sectoral outlook of the province in the near future.

Yalova OIZ is emerging on a territory that stretches over 630 hectares of land and is more of a livelihood and a campus area than a classical industrial park merely composed of agglomerations of industrial plants. When fully operational, the OIZ will house a science and technology park, product quality test and vocational training premises, an innovation center and a lean transition center along with other superstructures such as provincial offices of government administrations, engineering classrooms of the University of Yalova and several other amenities normally you see in a town center. According to a survey performed through the OIZ companies, 95% of the companies are in fact SMEs which makes Yalova OIZ primarily an SME-abundant industrial park. Specific industries can operate inside the Yalova OIZ, which are;

    • Manufacture of machinery and equipment
    • Electrical equipment and electronics
    • Automotive parts and components
    • Products made of metal and plastics

The framework of Yalova OIZ’s strategic objectives and key priorities are compiled in a whitepaper named Sustainable & Green OIZ Strategy and Pathway which is to be released in the days ahead. The strategy paper outlines the Yalova OIZ’s commitment to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

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