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: 2 août 2016

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PRO WOOD was the first cluster in the wood processing sector in Romania and the first Romanian cluster in the modern sense of the word and its methodology became a national model, the Ministry of Economy only recognises clusters organised in the Pro Wood manner Pro Wood has triggered and supported the development of other clusters in the region. The cluster focuses on the creation of a value chain among the members, to attract in the cluster from the commonage (forest owner), to wood processers, furniture producers. Creating an environmental-friendly surrounding is also one of the focuses of the cluster through emphasizing the great potencial hidden in the waste recovery. Another focus is to create a common brand and popularize it on national and international level. Not at least, we focus on strengthening the relations between cluster members and with other clusters as well.

Our cluster is strongly oriented towards internationalization. Its creation was through an international project. But even after, the cluster focused on internationalization, participated at international cluster matchmaking events in Spain, China. We were also partners or associated partners in several international projects 



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 Coopération internationale

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