Octavio Romo

: 17 mars 2021

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A propos

I consider myself a passionate about computer science. I love learning and developing my knowledge in my field, but above all I enjoy applying it in real life scenarios and improving my knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, data mining, server management and others.

I am enthusiastic about new challenges, that is the reason why I have participated and won at academic competitions and I have presented some of my personal projects at technology events in Mexico. Likewise, my participation in the development of systems for my university in Mexico allowed me to expand my skills working in a professional development team, such as leadership, responsibility and management skills.

Additionally, my studies in Poland gave me the opportunity to improve AI skills and knowledge in a different academic and international environment.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Affaires maritimes et pêche
 Industries aéronautiques
 Intelligence artificielle

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