: 26 avr. 2017

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ITeC is a non-profit private foundation working in the field of construction.

Our goals as an organization to support innovation are:

  • to be a benchmark institution in terms of information, knowledge, innovation and sustainability applied to the construction sector,
  • the provision of technological services to improve the competitiveness of the construction sector agents: organizations, companies and professionals.

The ITeC Board put together the main representative stakeholders from the construction sector in Catalonia: regional public bodies, universities, professionals and builders associations.


  1. European Technical Assessment Body specialised in the assessment and certification of non-standardised innovative products*. Active Member of the EOTA - European Organisation for Technical Assessment of non-standardised innovative products:
        - European Assessment Documents - EAD.
        - European Technical Assessments - ETA.

*Industrialized systems for façades and roofs, Fire protective products, Internal Partition kits, Industrialized Constructions, Technologies for Waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulating materials, timber products, anchors and fixing systems.

  1. Methodologies for a proper calculation and management of the environment impact of buildings through their entire life cycle.
  2. Market research (member of EUROCONSTRUCT) combining the economic approach with our knowledge of the construction market from the technical, legal, environmental and commercial points of view.

What we can offer in R&D projects for INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS:

Advice on the definition of efective development processes for innovative products with a Market-focused approach in order to guide the R&D actions towards market success.

  • Minimising time to market of the new products devloped.
  • Minimising uncertainties during the development process.
  • Implementation of efective development processes in order to obtain competitive products.
  • Characterisation of the product according EU regulations.
  • Study and improvement of different propieties.

Engaging principal public-private stakeholders from our region for pilot and demonstration projects.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Industrie de construction
 Efficacité énergétique
 Villes intelligentes
 Technologie de construction
 Horizon Europe
 Programme LIFE
 Actions innovantes urbaines

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