César López

: 12 mai 2023

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César López Caparros is a seasoned entrepreneur and strategic business consultant with a background in chemical engineering. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has completed executive education programs at ESIC Business & Marketing School and HEC Paris.

César is also the CEO of Leanspots, a leading XaaS platform for innovation ecosystems. Leanspots provides a range of services and solutions to support innovation and collaboration across different industries and geographies.

César has been recognized as a top CEO by Crunchbase, a leading business information platform, and Leanspots has been identified as one of the most promising startups by CBI Insights, a market intelligence platform. These recognitions are a testament to César's leadership and the innovative solutions that Leanspots provides to its clients.

Under César's leadership, Leanspots has become a recognized name in the innovation space, serving clients across the globe. César's deep understanding of innovation ecosystems and his passion for using technology to drive positive change have been instrumental in the success of Leanspots.

In addition to his work with Leanspots, César has also been involved in several cooperation projects in more than 15 countries, working closely with organizations such as SME Alliance, Rural Pact, AEPIA, and the Cluster of Big Data in Madrid. These projects have focused on developing innovative solutions that drive sustainable growth and promote social and environmental well-being.

Overall, César is a visionary leader with a strong educational background and a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create a better future for businesses and society as a whole.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Transfert de technologie

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