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: 9 mars 2023

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Sustonica S.L. is the first in providing sustainability certification for vacation rentals on a global scale. While there are roughly 200 certifications available for hotels, there is a conspicuous lack of a specific certification for vacation rentals. Our primary objective is to assist vacation rental owners and managers in adopting environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious practices, and rewarding them for it via a badge.

With 10 million vacation rentals available worldwide, we are presented with a distinctive opportunity to reduce the impact of these rentals and influence a staggering 450 million yearly guests to adopt more sustainable lifestyles upon their return home.

Our certification standards are derived from 10 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, covering a total of 15 targets. We conduct a thorough assessment of the vacation rental property through video conferencing, and we are actively developing an application to streamline the certification process without requiring call centers.

Since our recent launch in late 2022, we have received applications from over 70,000 vacation rentals across Europe and the United States, and are in the process of lobbying major online travel agencies to accept our certification. Furthermore, we are offering assistance to local and EU-level associations to ensure that future sustainability legislation is impartial and founded on a shared set of standards.


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 Développement durable
 Tourisme durable

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