: 4 févr. 2019

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FOUNDATION “CONSERVATION OF BIODIVERSITY IN BULGARIA”  is a non-governmental organization in public benefit in the field of protecting the diversity of all living organisms in all forms of their natural organization, their communities and habitats, the ecosystems and the processes that take place in them; building of nature conservation structures; support for the conservation of biodiversity and wildlife; promoting cultural values with nature conservation.

Activity - implements environmental education; prepare proposals for protected natural areas; improves species conservation; performs direct practical activities to conserve species and habitat; creates nature conservation centers; promotes environmental awareness through electronic means; creates a scientific basis for nature conservation through projects, analyzes and disseminates information, monitors changes in biodiversity; assistance in limiting the negative anthropogenic impact on protected areas.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Protection environnementale
 Héritage culturel

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