: 20 févr. 2020

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Kiyikoy Nature Sports Club Association (KIYIDOSK) is a nongovernmental organization founded in 2019 located in Kiyikoy, a village in the district of Vize in Kırklareli province at northwestern Turkey, population 2077.

Our main area of interest is physical activity used as a tool to promote health, well-being and healthy lifestyles. We strongly believe that a more healthy and cohesive society can be created through sport.

Sport is a useful educational tool to generate community, integration, acceptance, promote human rights and equality. In our opinion, sport and education are inextricably linked and find their strongest connection in non-formal education.

Our objectives are:

  • To enable low-participation groups and disadvantaged populations to partake in sport and physical activity.
  • To spread culture and new perspectives through formal and non-formal methods. To communicate and promote equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • To promote linkage between schools, clubs and public institutions. To promote and embed inclusive learning, teaching and assessment.
  • To empower communities to provide opportunities for participation in a variety of local programmes and events.
  • To encourage the participation of young people in local and international activities.

The members of our organization are connected by a strong spirit of solidarity and participation. Training and informing local communities and the European community about opportunities and possibilities is our objective but above all our mission.

Target Group:
Through our commitment we want to give opportunities to young people and adults. In particular, our activities involve NEETs (Neither in Employment nor in Education or Training-15-35 years old) coming from rural and disadvantaged areas that have or have had limited opportunities.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Affaires sociales et inclusion

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