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: 27 oct. 2019

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Equal Future Association (Eşit Gelecek Derneği ) is a freshly registered NGO main focus areas are inclusive technology and social equality through innovation. It aims to harness the power of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to bring innovative technological solutions to social issues. We have three main activity areas;

  • To increase digital literacy with education programmes in Turkey,

We provide tech and art workshops with our Notatek programme which combines coding and music training together. The target age group varies from 9-14 years old they develop basic coding skills through art. We work with the Kadıköy Municipality and the children from the neighborhood.

  • To support women professionals and students from early ages to develop the capacity to be competitive to access to opportunities in work life especially for tech-related fields.

We are working on an online platform that professional women showcase inspiring career journeys for young girls. The platform will inform young girls about the working condition on specific jobs and companies, help them to explore about subject choices and give an idea of where those choices may lead through.

  • To propose inclusive tech solutions to social agents (NGO's and disadvantaged groups) to increase their social impacts.

The platform that is mentioned above is an online platform that is currently being developed by the Equal Future Association. We currently work with a non-profit partner whose specialty is gender equality. Through similar collaborations, we aim to increase the technological strength of NGO’s who work in different ;

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