Dr Elena Carrillo (Global Research on Wellbeing research group)

: 28 févr. 2020

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I am an Associate Professor at Ramon Llull University and Principal Investigator at Global Research on Wellbeing (GRoW) research group. I am the Team Leader & Senior Future Leader of The Foundation for Global Community Health and Scientific Member of the Spanish Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics. As a young researcher, I have accomplished to publish more than 10 articles in the first and second quartiles of the SSCI.

My research has always been focused on social epidemiology embracing the field of health, education, sociology and psychology. This multidisciplinary research allows to better understand health determinants from an ecological perspective. My initial work focused on childhood and adolescence, and how eating habits and lifestyle are influenced by social ties, and on resilience factors in relationship between the educational and health development of adolescents in vulnerable contexts. From there, the scope of my research has expanded to also include adult and elder population.


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 Soins de santé
 Éducation et formation

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