PREPHOBES: Looking for partners for adolescent excess weight prevention using social capital theory and Participatory Research Action

il y a 3 ans

This is a call to create a consortium for a European project aimed to promote healthy lifestyles in vulnerable adolescents using an innovative approach based on the theory of social capital and the premises of Participatory Research Action. Social capital interventions are designed to influence shared knowledge, norms and values of a specific group, which in turn we will use for health promotion. Our first experience in this project mainly covered dietary habits and future interventions should also include sex education, toxic habits and sleep.

We are looking for European research groups to apply for the JPI HDHL (a healthy diet for a healthy life) grant for Prevention of unhealthy weight gain and obesity during crucial phases throughout the lifespan. Eligible European countries are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands and Spain. We seek to collaborate with multidisciplinary groups that include professionals from different backgrounds such as teachers, physical education teachers, dietitians, psychologists… in order to build a multidisciplinary consortium. The intervention will be included in the school curricula and thus the partnership with schools will be necessary in order to move this research forwards.

For more information and to receive the eligibility criteria, please do not hesitate in contacting us. The deadline for project submissions is due April 3rd.

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