Alara Urey

: 27 déc. 2022

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My name is Alara Ürey and I am an EU Projects Specialist at Etkin Proje company. “Etkin Proje”, founded in 2007 in Istanbul, provides project management consulting services to companies from all sectors in Turkey, operating on the management, and financing of R&D projects.  

Having the majority of our staff with scientific and engineering backgrounds, Etkin Proje has engaged the Turkish customers in over 300 International Project Proposals and more than 500 International Partnership Contacts. These have been focused around software-electronic defense, food-chemistry, machine & automotive industries.

We would like to establish an international partnership with your consulting company. Our aim is to exchange project proposals with our consulting partners and their customers. For example, we could engage some of your customers in the proposals that we are preparing for our Turkish customers, or ask you to involve some of our Turkish customers in the consortia of the projects that you are consulting.

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 Mobilité intelligente

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