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: 17 avr. 2022

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My activity is in blockchain tehnology and Internet of Things. I am also interested in the field of bioinformatics. I am also interested in projects related to the human genome. The field of cybersecurity is interesting as it is related to blockchain technology and finding various applications for personal data protection.I have an idea with a team to develop these technologies in my field of activity in the non-governmental sector, more precisely in the field of personal data protection. The field of biostatistics is also in our interests and is related to the study of the human genome. This will allow to cure many, for now, incurable diseases. My interests in the field of biotechnology are related to the safe production of detergents that do not pollute the environment and do not create skin allergies. The Internet of Things is a growing field. I would participate in developments related to remote control via the Internet, control of various household and electronic devices. I would help with my knowledge of experience in the field of statistical data research and their visualization. I have serious experience and publications in the field of three-dimensional computer modeling of various natural objects.

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 Biotechnologie médicale

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