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: 16 mars 2020

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Webbuild Bulgaria EOOD is a Bulgarian software company (). It employs a team of professional software engineers who develop online stores, company websites, ERP systems and warehousing programs, commercial and business software. Project challenges that the company must address are:
Setting up in transnational cooperation to identify and then transfer an "innovative practice / product" that is affordable for small and medium-sized traders, in which everyone has the choice to pay on a monthly basis, quarterly, six months, year or once. An innovative product must be flexible and allow every customer / merchant to launch with a minimal package and, over time, be able to upgrade and migrate to a larger package as it needs to grow. The innovative product must enable it to be reversed - customer / merchant by a large "software package", to limit the cost of software, with the system providing options for such migration. Another important functionality of the innovative product is to develop web services for two-way communication with one or more online retailer stores.

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 Gestion d'entreprise
 Développement des affaires

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