Ventzislav Atanassov

: 9 oct. 2018

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  • Good knowledge of the structure and principles of operation of public administrations and regulations related to implementation of their activities; incl. applicable rules, regulations in the construction of water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment plants and facilities;
  • Participation in preparation and implementation of projects funding from international organizations, incl. coordination and synchronization of project activities, administration of irregularities in the project and monitoring and internal control of the implementation of projects by beneficiaries; support, supervision and control of activities of the PIU and providing methodological support during the project implementation;
  • Preparation of Cost – Benefits Analyzes in accordance with the Guide to Cost-benefit Analysis of Investment Projects – Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, December 2014;
  • Working with International Financial Institutions and the European Commission in developing large infrastructure projects in the area of roads, railways, ports, water/wastewater, urban transport, gas supply;
  • Good knowledge of requirements, directives and rules of EU in the area of infrastructure and environment;
  • Good knowledge of utility sectors in Bulgaria – mode of operation, strengths and weaknesses of the sectors, regulation, pricing – water/wastewater, gas supply, urban transport;
  • Preparation of financial and economic concession analyzes;
  • Participation in all key phases of the project cycle (due-diligence), incl. preparation, appraisal, implementation and management, and relevant methodologies ( feasibility studies, cost estimates, financial analysis, CBAs);
  • Development of business plans for companies operating in various sectors of the economy, in order to analyze the effectiveness of planning of production activities;
  • Forecasting and analysis of cash flows of existing enterprises in order to optimization and financial consolidation;
  • Preparation of feasibility studies, demonstrating before financial institutions the effectiveness of the investment or supporting the investors in decision making process;
  • Participation in all phases of business evaluations, incl. assessments of existing companies or separate parts of them.

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