Pedro Costa Malheiro

: 9 juil. 2020

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CONPLAN - Consultores de Planeamento, Lda is a company created in 1985 based on one fundamental principle: Innovation combined with the knowledge, at the service of society.  CONPLAN started its activity as a consultant in the areas of management and organization by developing several entrepreneurship and qualification projects for industry, agriculture and services. In the 90s, realizing the importance of new technologies in the future, CONPLAN opened a new activity in information systems and multimedia products. CONPLAN created and implemented the Official Multimedia System of theoretical subject driving tests in Portugal, the first in Europe, which is still in operation and where more than 4000 million tests were carried out. Besides, the company has created an e-learning platform and developed distance training courses since the beginning of the century, being also one of the pioneers in this area in Portugal. CONPLAN has participated and developed projects combining knowledge, learning, education, inclusion and new technologies, such as the creation of digital solutions to: inform and train drivers in general and, in particular, senior drivers; to train coaches and judges in the sports field; to inform and train local project associations and; to support entrepreneurship for micro and small companies. In the area of entrepreneurship, CONPLAN implemented a digital solution for the remote monitoring of candidates for entrepreneurs, provides virtual mentoring in the various areas of business creation, including business plans, and has the know-how to support the production of remote webinars.  CONPLAN expertise in the fields of managing projects, human resources and mentoring in entrepreneurship has been used with a wide range of economic actors, public and private as clients and partners. CONPLAN has been implemented the teleworking regime for at least a decade, with all employees when their activity allows it with the benefit for everyone involved: in time, costs, family assistance, motivation and with obvious advantages for the planet's environmental sustainability. In summary, CONPLAN develops: - Information systems - Support for the use of Information Technology Systems - Develop learning content in different areas of knowledge - Perform management and organization consulting - Ensure training courses about virtual facilitation - Perform mentoring in several areas such as Leadership, Communication and Entrepreneurship

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Économie numérique
 Gestion de projets internationaux

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