5 ideas for international partnerships that include Portugal in the ERASMUS, EEA Grants, COSME, and other UE funds programs.

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Pedro Costa Malheiro

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We would like to invite partners for future applications under the following five themes: Entrepreneurship training; Virtual facilitation / mentoring; Online examination; Awareness of careers in industry ; and Employability of seniors.

Below our understanding of the needs of Portugal for each theme.

1-Entrepreneurship training

In Portugal, there is a considerable offer of entrepreneurship training, mainly within the framework of EU-funded programs. We do not know what is its impact on the new business creation and survival rates in the first 2 to 5 years. It seems to us that the mentoring / coaching of entrepreneurs has not yet adapted to the virtual / online format.

2- Virtual facilitation/mentoring

In general, we observe that the quality of virtual facilitation/mentoring is low. This happens in both university and professional education (VET). Perhaps in training it is a little better. This is due to the lack of pedagogical skills of teachers for this new format of digital education, as well as the almost non-existent production of webinars and other educational events.

3- Examination online

Online exams are a great solution, no doubt. This saves time and money. It allows people from different places to take exams at the same time. On the other hand, it makes COVID-19 contagions impossible, safeguarding the health of all those involved. The problem is how a teacher/examiner can ensure that his or her students do not deceive him or her by taking their unsupervised exams in person. In Portugal we still don´t have that in official certifications, but there are public and private entities that starting to became interested in having that technology, and as online examination is one of the CONPLAN expertise area, we think that 100% online examination safely and fraud-proof will be highly requested in future.

4- Awareness of careers in industry

In Portugal, industrial jobs are not on the professional horizon of young people regardless of gender and economic situation. For today's new generations, the industry is not seen as a glamorous job compared with other sectors. Changing the perception of the industrial sector requires a strong effort at earlier ages when young people are still open to explore the world of occupations and professions.

5- Employability of seniors (between 50 and 65 years).

In Portugal, the number of persons aged more than 50 years old who left the labour market after the last economic crisis is significant where old firms have closed and international investment decline. The present covid-19 pandemic crisis is already destroying jobs and, for sure, many workers over 50 are going to lose their jobs and increase the number of inactive or unemployed persons. A consistent approach to this situation is now more relevant than ever.

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