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: 14 août 2019

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Oylum Stationery, that took the first step in the sector in Istanbul in 1978, is a company that has been providing stationery supplies for many years both in retail and wholesale. During these years the company succeeded in gaining the trust of its customers with the quality of its products, fast delivery and reasonable price advantages. In this regard, Oylum Stationery, which made mention of its name in the sector, has been continued to offer durable products and accumulated loyal customers, and became a rooted structure. With this trusting structure, Oylum Stationery always reflects technological innovations in product categories and offers options according to today’s requirements.

As a company that you can easily access any kind of product you will need for stationery and office supplies, Oylum Stationery offers you all stationery products for individual and office use, and wholesale products for large corporations.

Oylum Stationery continues to work steadily, without compromising on the issues of ‘honesty, trust and quality products’. You can access the products of the firm from its office and website which you will be able to quickly review and order products online.

Also Oylum Stationery founded the Imagination Workshop in ;The workshop is aware that all inventions in the world begin with a sense of curiosity and that curiosity is a value that should never be ;Imagination Workshop; It aims to make children and young people discover their own imagination and make it a form of expression and to keep the pleasure of producing.

The Imagination Workshop organizes workshops for children and adolescents of all ages, from preschool to high school. The trainings provide children develop their cognitive and emotional creativity activities.

The workshop provides students with paid educational packages for areas of interest such as Robotics Coding, Mind Games, STEM and Art.


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 Éducation et formation

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