: 24 juil. 2018

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I was released by Watford FC in 1978. I moved to Spain in 1985 and although setup my own language schools, I`ve always been involved in football locally. Then, 2009 I had this idea of giving #SecondChances to #YoungReleasedPlayers and did this for four years as placement officer for League Football Education in Spain. One of the players I had, Carel Tiofact even got selected to represent Ireland U19 while being with me in Spain. After this I founded ;and with released players we won 3 title in our first 2 seasons. I then left it in the hands of others due to business and family reasons and finally decided to sell 90% to an American consortium keeping just 10% for myself last November.

Now with more time, I want to setup NextGalacticoStars.

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