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: 18 déc. 2020

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We are a Spanish VET centre (Vocational Training for Employment)  in Andalusia (Spain) officially accredited by our regional government and our main area of expertise is fostering digital and entrepreneurial skills. We are experts on  digitalization, software, technology on one side and sustainability, social responsibility, equal opportunity on the other side. Our mission is to be a Centre of Vocational Education and Training (VET) of Excellence at an international level through the continuous improvement of training and innovation in digital and entrepreneurial skills, boosting teaching and training methods of excellence, establishing ongoing cooperation and collaboration, in line with policies of regional development, employment, innovation and education.

These elements are now everywhere and we firmly believe in the need for the constant modernisation and best strategies to reach a good path on upcoming calls which support climate neutrality, energy, digital circularity, sustainability and circular economy.

In addition, we have extensive international and European experience, having collaborated as coordinators and partners in a long list of Erasmus+ projects as shown in the documents attached here. We are experienced in making didactic contents, online platforms and dissemination and sustainability of projects (experts in digital marketing).

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Innovation & Recherche
 Europe créative
 Horizon Europe
 Programme LIFE

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