#SecondChances to #YoungReleasedPlayers

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I was released by Watford FC in 1978. I moved to Spain in 1985 and although setup my own language schools, I`ve always been involved in football locally. Then, 2009 I had this idea of giving #SecondChances to #YoungReleasedPlayers and did this for four years as placement officer for League Football Education in Spain. One of the players I had, Carel Tiofact even got selected to represent Ireland U19 while being with me in Spain. After this I founded ;and with released players we won 3 title in our first 2 seasons. I then left it in the hands of others due to business and family reasons and finally decided to sell 90% to an American consortium keeping just 10% for myself last November.

Now with more time, I want to setup NextGalacticoStars.

Parents and players of football sacrifice too much, many very wrongly their studies. Then come 16 or 18 and so many are released. In comes NextGalactoStars.

We look to give #SecondChances to #YoungReleasedPlayers first in Spain and Gibraltar before Europe and worldwide.

We feel we will not only be doing good for the players and society, giving the #YoungReleasedPlayers “International” experience and add #TikiTaka to their inherent #EnglishGrit thus getting a different angle to their development from the rest of English players but also a new language and culture to help them get back to the jobs market, in or out of football. All this while still being #HomeGrown, with newly increased numbers introduced by The FA they will be in great demand, and may just help England start winning again!


Can you help in my search for funding to help carry this out?

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