Mediterranean Health Managers Associations

: 6 avr. 2018

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The Association was founded in 2003 and has about 200 member today. The aim of the association is to organise activities supporting cultural, scientific growth of its members, to increase the relations of the member with their Universities, to assess the problems in health management in the field, cooperate with other institutions with similar aims and to participate their activities if possible. Planning, organising and evaluating scientific research in health management, to develop health management policies, and to search for solutions for problems in health management and related field.

The association consist of persons actively participating in policy making in health management in health institutions (hospital, drug addiction treatment center , nursing home etc). The Association has experience in EU Projects. The association successfully finished a Leonardo Da Vinci Project which named: Determination   Of   Professional   Qualifications   Of   Health   Care (DEPROHEALTH) with partners from Germany, and UK and Atılım, Gazi University  from Turkey in 2012. The association has finished Erasmus + Project which named: Care for Carers from Italy, UK, Netherland, Sweden, Austria and Turkey).

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 Soins de santé

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