Hayat Sahnesi Dernegi(Life Stage Organisation)

: 5 août 2018

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A propos

Hayat Sahnesi Derneği (Life Stage Organisation) is an association established in Antalya in 2016. For the formation of the Association; with the support of artists and volunteers who want to contribute to the comprehension and enhancement of cultural differences through learning connected with visual arts. We are working to make progress with the necessary steps to createinstitutional structure with the awareness of local and international organization .Our Association, State Opera and the opera singer (who is the chief of children's choir at the State Opera and Ball of Opera and she has a children's choir.) Our artists, who have specialized in their professions, have been performing their works in the individual working groups before and than to provide more effective results in terms of creativity and to provide professional analysis and interpretation of the works . There is project cycle management education (PCM) and Jean Monnet module training for our Theater and Opera artists.

We started our activities in the field of civil society with sure steps with the light of awareness. We started to organize our activities in the field of civil society and we continued our activities with respect to disadvantaged and social inclusion, reading theater with visual impairments, performing various creative activities with ensemble group in music field, knowing Orff technique, writing games and stories, we have friends who work in the field of civil society and are active in the field of basic projects. We are using creative  experiment in our  studies.

We are growing up with many artists and academicians and artists who want to join our associationOUR MISSION;

Our association about is which has set out to embrace art and culture as a lifestyle, national, international universal dimension, to combine creativity and imagination with the experiences, to carry on tomorrow, to work for the creation and development of cultural life to the social life word and expression.


Our association which leads the way in discourse and thought on the "Life Stage"; To organize artistic activities and activities on an international level, to produce common artistic projects, to contribute to the development of artistic works, to exchange information with the people and institutions working on this subject and to bring them together on a common ground.


  • Foundation Objectives of Our Association


1-To carry out research to make the activities in the field of culture art effective.

2. To prepare local, national and international projects and to make these projects effective.

3- Minimizing prejudices by identifying intercultural differences and similarities with international studies

4. To contribute to the communication of the people related to arts belonging to cultures,

5. To make artistic and educational activities such as exhibition, trip, course, research, questionnaire, conferences, seminars, workshops and interviews.

6- To work for the promotion of culture, art, traditions and customs of our country

7- To prepare joint international studies by communicating with people related to the arts in different countries.

9. To organize domestic and international art events in order to ensure the success of our Association members in the field of art.

11- To cooperate with national and international organizations and to convey the information acquired from different cultures to the people who are interested in art with seminars and panels organized.

12- To bring new artistic techniques to the scene by blending new, original and interesting art techniques belonging to different cultures. To share these learned techniques and integrate them into society.

13- To conduct international activities and to communicate with associations or organizations abroad and to carry out project-based collaborations with these organizations.

14-To help the diciplet form a well-developed, self-expressive, aware society with participating individuals.

15- To prevent disadvantaged societies from being exposed to social exclusion and to change the positive aspect of ensuring inclusion and inclusion of disadvantage by organizing artistic activities for disabled people.

16- Supporting immigrants and refugees in society with artistic and educational work.

17-To develop personal skills and leadership skills of individuals in society,

To improve the awareness of civil society and social responsibility in our country,

18. To take part in advocacy activities and activities and to increase effectiveness by operating in rights-based, rights protection areas.

19- Increasing the capacities in issues such as sustainable development, recycling, consumption culture and increasing environmental awareness.



During the foundation of the association, we participated in the Salto Youth - Erasmus K1 Mobility Youth Workers - Going Internation seminar and workshop study in culture in Estonia. As a non-governmental organization working in the field of Cultural Art, we were partnered with Erasmus K1 project in 2017 supported by Austrian Interkulturelles. we did an Erasmus K1 youth exchange project in which 8 countries participated in an Austrian association which ended in September have partnered with the project in which 5 young people and 1 leader participated in our country. His name was Let's say, We are the future .. The leader of the Austrian band was also theater artist and theater pedagogue. We did various cultural and artistic works in the main field. Our titles and subjects in our project were as follows;

We have analyzed different aspects of solidarity and democracy and integrated everyday life. Solidarity is a fundamental instrument of modern liberal democracy and a necessary turning point for social life,

By doing so, our objectives and titles are: 40 young people from 8 countries;

For the solidarity as a fundamental value of social life and to reflect the daily life of the participants themselves, creative activities were carried out informing about the differences between democracy, especially liberal and illiberal democracy, as well as political developments in Europe.

 The education of a European transculture was supported by direct encounters with adolescents of other countries, regions and the periphery.

Recognition of tools of aesthetic creative research: Questioning, gathering, analyzing and presenting.

A trip was held in memory of KZ Mauthausen. The antidemocratic history that people have not shown solidarity has been reflected. We have planned and seen that the participants will be able to transfer their learning-developments to their daily lives because they work intensively in these matters .. They gain self-consciousness and intercultural competence. Moreover, As a side effect, they had ideas about art, visual arts and creativity. Static and social laboratories were established and actively involved. We took advantage of Meyerhold and Grotowski methods and techniques, a method of theatricians, cultural and artistic point of view. In our project on democracy and solidarity, we have come to apply the gains we have gained from other countries in our own country in the future. We have got another project proposal that addresses the issue of human rights, which Austria, who has done a lot of projects and has done a lot of projects, thinks we should do on Romania in 2018, They sent the project, emphasizing the importance of our ideas in the project that was supposed to be realized. We wrote the ideas we created from our own experience and from the cultural approach onour country. At the moment the project was presented in Romania. The project for 2018 will also include a rights-based human rights seminar and public demonstration. We have taken the necessary steps to reach the wider public of the project.



Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Apprentissage des adultes
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Éducation artistique
 La musique
 Arts performants
 Arts visuels
 Europe créative

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