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: 4 juil. 2017

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Lumen is a social promotion association that develops the activities of Casa Corsini, a poli-functional center: Fab Lab, Innovation Space, Co-Working, a place where children, young people and adults can gather and train. Where new opportunities of growth, job and collaboration.

Lumen deals with:

  • Labs on robotics, 3D printing, Blender, Arduino, laser cutter, coding, graphics
  • Labs on art & craft, science, aeromodelling, construction of musical instruments with recycling materials, creative tailoring; presentations of books and texts
  • Projects with different schools: guidance and coaching for entrepreneurship, business simulation, creative ateliers, experiences of transition from school to the workplace
  • Social participation with experiences of transition from school to the workplace also with disables in collaboration with training institutions, alphabetization courses for foreign people, events and awareness raising on social themes ( legality, mental health, etc.)
  • Project planning and management on regional, national and European financing programs

More in general, Lumen promotes training as tools for personal and societal development, the use of new technologies to guarantee social inclusion and environmental safeguard opportunities, social well-being, health and solidarity as fundamental elements for the quality of life of everyone. Lumen is active for social innovation, work culture, creativity and promotion of its territory and its peculiarities.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Innovation sociale
 Éducation et formation
 Apprentissage des adultes
 Industries créatives
 Culture numérique

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