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: 12 août 2018

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The Art market has been in fluctuation over the last several years. The traditional methods of bringing together buyers and sellers produces inconsistent results. There is a new generation of Artists and buyers of art who need for a better way to connect, socialize and transact in a secure and transparent environment.

Furthermore, Machine learning (ML) and Blockchain are intelligent methodologies that have shown promising results in the domains of classification and prediction. The Art industry is one of the expanding industries necessitating good predictive accuracy due to the large monetary amounts involved in the purchase and sale of Art. In addition, people in the market who purchase art are searching for tools and methods to better valuate art, conduct price-point analysis and compare similar art to make educated purchase decisions. Factors, such as, the results of historical sales data of an Artist and sales performance indicators of similar art, can be evaluated with Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies.

I am looking for Partners and benefactors who appreciate fine arts and what art brings to the world and understands the best way to bring clarity and consistency to the art industry is through tecchnology.

With the above factors in mind, I have created a new business that is technology-based and will serve the needs of the new Art market. Through technology and social media, we aim to satisfy the needs of Artists, Buyers and Collectors alike.

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 Entrepreneuriat et PME
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 Industries créatives
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 Union européenne
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 Intelligence artificielle

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