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: 23 mars 2016

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Professional in international business, international relations, project management. And risk analysis. Graduated cum laude in Eastern Languages and Culture; International and Diplomatic Relations; in International Relations and Science(Political Science and Government- Asia and Africa area). I worked as a cultural mediator and assistant project designer in various embassies in the Middle East. A master's degree in Risk Analysis and Risk Management allowed me to develop and increase awareness of dynamics in big international companies and operate successfully in team as well as independently. For years I was involved together, in business and management at Saudi Aramco, and was manager for External Relations at Saudi Aramco and other Saudi companies and holding, in the field of Oil and Gas, making me an expert in tactical and economic strategies. Chargé d'affaires for Saudi Arabia thanks to a PhD in Islamic Banking and in "Easy and Alternative Finance", and Internationalization of enterprise. Since 2013,I have been REGISTERED in European Register of Euro-Project manager and designer, with a Master in Eu Project Management and Design, and since then , I manage and coordinate Business Unit of European Funds and Projects:

▪ Consultant in European Projects

▪ Evaluation of European Projects

▪ Multitasking Performing

▪ Building and management of national and international partnership

▪ Writing, planning and management of European and International project proposals

▪ Project Wording, planning and programming

▪ Building of strategic objectives and promotion of cooperation of all stakeholders involved

▪ Development of tools, methods and criteria for the evaluation and monitoring of projects

▪ Teaching in fund raising and internationalization of enterprises, even

▪ FOCUS EUROPE 2020 direct and indirect Funds

Secteurs d'expertise:

 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Développement et coopération
 Éducation et formation
 Culture et développement
 Coopération transnationale
 Relations internationales
 Relations euro-méditerranéennes
 Développement des affaires

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