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: 4 janv. 2019

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Ten words, ten pillars to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability, and to valorize cultural and natural heritage:

1) INNOVATION – research, development, and adoption of innovation, in lifestyles, models of production and use-consumption;

2) MOBILITY – the movement of people, ideas, methods and practices in the perspective of overcoming cultural, linguistic, economic and other barriers;

3) CHANGE – the change of the reference systems,  and keywords in everyday life, also through the realization of small-scale actions, whose reverberation is of inspiration and trigger for further transformations;

4) KNOWLEDGE – the creation, the implementation, and the dissemination of knowledge, as foundation basis of decision-making processes, in both public and private dimensions, at both local and global scale;

5) SHARING – a new paradigm to access and to manage limited resources, in which the horizontal relationships among people and organizations prevail and the presence of technological platforms favors the establishment of interaction based on mutual trust;

6) CLIMATE –  one of the most challenging issues of our era,  one of the most effective metaphors to address the complexity and fragility of interactions and interrelations among the vital spheres of individuals, communities, territories, societies, and ecosystems;

7) CIRCULAR  – the promotion of circularity in anthropic processes, in particular in the economic sphere, in production and consumption, in the perspective of decoupling economic activity and the consumption of finite resources, in a regenerative approach;

8) LEARNING – a vital and lifelong process, an evolutionary engine, and a foundation of overall well-being, in a world where knowledge is the primary source of value and auto-affirmation;

9) EXPERIENCE –  the transformative value of participation, in all spheres of human action, to involve people in their deepest emotional and motivational dimensions;

10) SUSTAINABILITY – the promotion of the direct participation of people in social, environmental and economic processes, as a cultural approach to decision-making, based on cooperation and on the shared resolution of conflicts rather than competition, able to determine positive and lasting impacts.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Développement durable
 Protection environnementale
 Industries créatives
 Héritage culturel
 Sciences du climat

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