: 2 nov. 2019

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Glandrive is a very dynamic and innovative company with a multifaceted presence in various sectors of activity and we have been in the market since the year 2010.

We inspire business, ensuring the technological needs essential to the sustainability of your company, promoting innovative solutions to increase your visibility and boost your growth.

We act in several areas, in information technologies, either autonomously or in strategic partnerships that can bring added value and better operability to our clients’ projects.

Our company develop and offer innovative solutions that are able to keep up with market needs, providing professional services that actively contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness and excellence of our customers.

By itself or in partnership, our solutions and services can be incorporated transversally into any business, from the study phase of a project, through installation, monitoring, implementation, but also in the production phase, aiming to obtain the satisfaction of our clients.

We have experienced and certified professionals to accompany you on every project or service, within the high tech areas where we operate.

Glandrive have a differentiated service leach and with a different operational size in the areas of ICT Solutions provider, Smart IoT, Business Intelligence, IT Consulting and many other professional services that a High-Tech company like us, could provide to private or public bodies.

The company could bring an added value at European level, because we have earned the trust of some of the largest national companies (public and private) and we have huge experience in operate commercially with professional services and through the online store where we have more than 20,000 references of hardware, software and services, representing the biggest IT brands and we are leaders in Apple prices.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Applications informatiques
 Innovation & Recherche
 Budgétisation et prévision
 Internet des objets (IoT)
 Calcul haute performance

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