Rui Teles

: 17 avr. 2024

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I hold a master and Phd in educational technology and I am associate professor at the School of Education of Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal, with 34+ years of   academic experience in teaching/exploration of innovative teaching skills and curriculum design concerning ICT and technology in general.

Coordinate a  resource center in assistive technology (NAID), developing activities in assessment, support, counseling and teacher training, regarding the use of equipments/technology as facilitators of digital and social inclusion. I have participted in several international projects (Grundtvig, Comenius, eTwinning, Lingua and  Erasmus+).

My research areas focus on  assistive technology for teaching and learning,  with direct work with SEN students  ambient assistive living and lately I have been professionaly commited to the Maker Movement, and to building assistive devices for the blind and handicapped children, trough digital fabrication and accessible  technology ( now with the help of AI).

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Éducation et formation
 Horizon Europe

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