Expert Pool - Bulgaria

: 22 août 2016

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Association "Expert Pool - Bulgaria" is a non-governmental organization registered and operating in the public interest. The organization aims to build a wide network of experts for technical and informational support for the small and medium businesses, the administration and the NGO sector through the creation and development of better information infrastructure in the field of national, European and international project financing; support to small and medium business, administration and NGOs in identifying appropriate project ideas for their development; support to start-ups and existing companies in improving their competitiveness, internationalization, strengthening their market position and sustainable development; encourage and promote entrepreneurship in all its forms and varieties; development of youth activities, initiatives and projects, including supporting sports and healthy lifestyle and physical education of young people.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Ressources humaines
 Innovation sociale
 Apprentissage des adultes
 Enseignement supérieur
 Jeunes travailleurs
 Horizon Europe
 Programme Droits, Égalité et Citoyenneté

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