: 16 mars 2020

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Paredes is a small town in the north of Portugal, 30 kilometers from Porto. The latest data indicate a population of around 88,854 people and, it has one of the youngest population in the country, with an average age of the population of 33 years old, where 1/3 of the population is under 25. It has good accessibility by public transport, including train and is approximately 20 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro airport.

We belong to the sports division of Paredes Town Hall, and we are taking the first steps in the development of European applications.

Our sports division works with the “know how principle”. Therefore, we are always open to engage in new proposals for excellent sports projects. If you have an ongoing project in the sports field that may need a good partner, we are 100% receptive to that! 

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 Affaires sociales et inclusion

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