David Prat

: 7 oct. 2018

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A propos

I am computer scientist and project manager, I like working in contexts of ;I have 9 years of experience in the IT sector working in pioneering companies such as Telefónica I+D, Sony and HP. Moreover, I also have worked in startup environments in the fields of education and bioinformatics and in European projects in NPO like the UPC BarcelonaTech or the BSC.

I'm working in an idea to allow people who visit a city inside the EU and enjoy the most of their stance while they are doing sightseeing or any other activity. For this, one of the key features is receving personalized alerts in the mobile phone depending on the user's personal preferences.

I would like to share my idea with those who are interested and I'm willing to adapt it to any other similar proposal.

Do not hesitate to contact me

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Applications informatiques
 Technologie mobile
 Culture et développement

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