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: 19 juin 2019

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Companhia Instável is a contemporary dance company and a choreographic centre based in Porto, Portugal. Since 1999 it develops several projects related to the promotion and creation of better conditions for contemporary dance: educational projects; artistic production and creation; a cycle of support, capacity building and presentation emergent creators; a project that investigates and creates from the relation between the body, the space and its ;
Without a resident artistic body, each year a recognized choreographer is invited, dancers are selected in auditions and a new performance is created, presented and tours as much as possible. Afterwards, the project naturally fades out and a new one starts.

The educational projects integrate regular lessons for several audiences and an intensive 6 months training  for choreographers. Palcos Instáveis is a cycle of support and presentation emergent creators in the municipal Theater of Porto (1 performance/month). Paths through Architecture connects, experiments and intersects the build space, the body, the movement and the dance.


Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Héritage culturel
 Culture et développement

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