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: 5 mars 2019

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Lushnja Municipality profile for EU Project partnership


Lushnja Municipality lies in the southern part of Western Albania's Ultrasound. The Municipality of Lushnje participates in the Fier Region and has its center Lushnja. It is bordered by the Municipality of Rrogozhine, northeast with the Municipality of Peqin, east of the Municipality of Belsit, in the southeast with the Ura Vajgurore Municipality, in the south with the Municipality of Roskovec, in the southwest with the Municipality of Fier and in the west with the Municipality of Divjaka . It has an area of about km2, and is surrounded by 10 administrative units.

General Data and contacts:

Contry                         Albania

Population                   129 000 banore

Area                            km2


Nr. Tel & Fax              0035 3522 3139



Ensuring social equality, development of the environment and economic opportunities for the Lushnja community.



We try to serve the community in their highest interests, based on citizens' demands, focusing on our resources in support of residents to ensure their economic development, healthy and safe lives and social welfare.



Based on the new territorial reform, Lushnja Municipality identifies the following areas:

  • Economic Development
  • Development of agriculture and flowering
  • Development of cultural and historical tourism
  • environmental Protection
  • Social Welfare


Economic Development

From an economic point of view, Lushnja continues to be the number one promoter of agriculture, although the city itself has a fairly oriented marketing and service economy. The development of the town of Lushnjes has many opportunities to develop in the agrarian economic sector, which has the highest percentages of profit and development in agriculture both in the city and rural areas with production and processing. Some of the key projects that are viewed with priority to be implemented are:

  • Creation and support of the group of farmers
  • Support the promotion of tourism eco-farms for the promotion of gastrnomic values and landscape of the municipality.
  • Raising and supporting small producer nurseries
  • Raise the support of stockbreeding.


Turism Development

In Municipality of Lushnja there are 9 cultural monuments of the first category, declared protected areas in accordance with their architectural values and their urbanistic-aesthetic adaptability. Although Lushnja has no protected parks or reserves, but there are 6 natural monuments (protected zone of category III). Tourism is the city of Lushnja with the advantage of having the opportunity to offer full cultural, historical and agro-tourism tourism. Some of the key projects that are set to be implemented in the near future are:

  • The construction of inter-villages in the tourist villages to visit the monuments and familiar with the history of each monument.
  • Return the Kashari reservoir to a tourist point and offer various sports near it.
  • Infrastructure support in the scenic areas unknown to tourists so far.
  • Protect and promote cultural and natural monuments to promote them on a wider scale.
  • Green infrastructure support of corridors of tourist interest and landscape.
  • Creating wine cellars near the vineyards of the inhabitants by offering traditional food and hospitality to the tourists that characterizes the inhabitants of Lushnje, as well as the tradition and music of the Lushnjare Valley.
  • Provision of touristic signage of the territory of Lushnja Municipality.

Environment protection

Agriculture is the leading sector for the further development of the economy for lushnja. Improve the quality of agricultural products through the agronomy service in villages in order to promote sustainable agricultural development and achievement of standards in villages. The projects in which the Municipality of Lushnje put priority are:

Increase of the surface of the arable land for the residents of Lushnja Municipality.

Creation and promotion of natural green tea.

Creation and support of Myzeqe farmers, where farmers with more experienced will share their thoughts, experience and continence about planting different crops in agriculture.


Social welfare

  • Supportive programs for families in need.
  • Building a center that promotes and motivates young people in different fields.
  • Establish a women's priority employment association in order to promote independence and their integration into society.


Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Éducation et formation
 Enseignement supérieur
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Héritage culturel
 Europe pour les citoyens
 Social et Bien-être

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