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il y a 2 ans

Bashkia Lushnje

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The Municipality of Lushnja has established the Youth Council with the youths of the Municipality of Lushnja High Schools. The Youth Council operates for one year and at the end of each year the members of the Youth Council are awarded with a certificate by the Mayor of the Municipality of Lushnja. Once a week, they organize meetings in the environments of the Municipality of Lushnja, in which, in corporation with the staff of the Municipality of Lushnja they discuss topics such as: “Local Government Politics and Functions and How to Vitalize the Cultural Life in Lushnja”. We aim to create partnerships with the municipalities in European countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, in order to share experiences between the Youth Council in our municipality and the youth in these countries on local politics of a country which aims the accession to the European Union (Albania) with the local politics of an EU member country (that we want to create a partnership with).

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 Mobilité des jeunes
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