Intercultural exchange between city graduates and those of an EU country

il y a 4 ans

Bashkia Lushnje

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Lushnje Municipality, Albania, is working on the Europe for Citizens call for proposals,  Town Twinning Component. The deadline for applications is 2 September 2019. The
Objective of Lushnje Municipality for this proposal is  to exchange ideas and experiences between the young people on the future of Europe. We are looking for partners under this call from EU Member States and IPA countries and would be happy to coordinate under the idea we are working but also join in any other project idea.

Specific Objective: Familiarity with the culture of the EU Member State, their study programs and other forms of interaction.

How to realize: Through activities in which there is a specific knowledge of the culture and tradition of the interacting countries as well as an exchange of experience on study programs applied in these countries.

Expectation: Information on the culture and study programs of the partner country and interest in pursuing studies.

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 Mobilité des jeunes
 Héritage culturel
 Europe pour les citoyens
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