Annett Räbel

: 13 nov. 2019

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I’m always reading. I’m a strategist at heart. I love research, analysis, strategy, writing, and languages (EN/FR/GER/ES).

As a specialist in international and European strategic communication and project design with 10+ years of experience, I work as a freelance communication specialist and proposal writer for communication agencies, development consulting firms and NGOs in Europe and worldwide.

Over the past years, I helped my clients to successfully answer calls for proposals, tenders and requests for services (EC | ECHO, JUST, EAC, AGRI, REGIO, COMM, INTPA, EISMEA, EUIPO, EIT; the EU Parliament). I give support and advice on the project and campaign design and the communication strategy. Within the proposal writing process, I can take care of the research and context, the general methodologies and related case studies. I also revise communication strategies and tenders. Among the clients that trust me are Phrenos / Community for Europe, ICF Next, GOPA Com., ICWE, mc Group, Caritas, Marco de Comunicación and B&S Europe.

How can I help you?

My specialties:
✅ Awareness-raising and communication campaigns
✅ Definition of communication objectives & target audiences
✅ Communication concept and methodology
✅ Key messages and their narratives
✅ Amplification strategy (social media, stakeholders, multipliers and influencers, press and media relations, events..)
✅ Evaluation / impact assessment
✅ Content creation / copywriting

During my over 5 years at PAU Education, a Barcelona-based EU communication agency, I worked on 360-degree EU communication campaigns and pilot projects. As part of the strategy team, I significantly contributed to winning tenders for the European Commission such as the Communication FWC of DG EAC and EUIPO, the EU Road Safety Charter for DG MOVE, or the ‘We love eating’ pilot project for DG SANCO. For over 4 years, I also coordinated and represented the EU Network on Inclusive Education & Disability for which I wrote position papers, supervised an online discussion with UNESCO, and organised an Open Hearing at the EU Parliament.

I also collaborated on international CSR and development projects with multinational companies such as Renault and Total, and with various NGOs including the Red Cross and Handicap International. Topics: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), road safety & mobility, health/NCDs, and the promotion of healthy habits.

I'm currently seeking new collaboration opportunities and expanding my network, so if you'd like to work together, contact me.

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Secteurs d'expertise:

 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Renforcement des compétences
 Personnes defavorisées
 Développement durable
 Égalité des sexes
 Culture et développement
 Relations euro-méditerranéennes
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