William Allouche

: 22 janv. 2020

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Resortecs® supplies:

1. A unique and patented method to enhance recyclability of textile products at industrial scale, with the potential to become an industry standard thanks to its effortless implementation in the current manufacturing processes.
• dissolvable stitching threads and heat-dismantling rivets for assembly • disassembly tools/machines for disassembly of textile products.

2. Expertise in: LCA, circular economy and design for disassembly.

3. An award-winning, diverse and multidisciplinary team (gender, age, ) that combines engineering, commercial, design and environmental sciences backgrounds.

Why is this relevant?
The whole textile industry is under pressure to change its practices and reduce its harmful environmental impact. A crucial way of obtaining those environmental business targets is by adopting recycling, repair and remanufacturing practices. Unfortunately, those are currently complicated and expensive as they require costly manual labour. Resortecs® solves this problem by supplying a patented process that allows for labour-poor disassembly and cost-effective recycling. The technologies help brands to tackle the challenges of producing products for a growing world population while operating within the planetary boundaries and ensuring long-term business success.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Fabrication de textiles industriels
 Design industriel

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