Interested in a Partnership (William Allouche)

il y a 4 ans

William Allouche



Recherche partenariat

In the midst of developing our automated and continuous disassembly line for textile products, we are currently looking for machine builders and industrial groups specialized in heat treatment and thermal processes, ideally in the field of textile materials.

In that regard, our short-term objectives with such a partner would be:

- take note of the existing heating technologies for industrial use and continuous heat treatment of materials
- perform disassembly tests of textile products stitched with our threads
- discuss and exchange on our project's specifications and the partner's expertise, as well as the prospect of a future collaboration

The long-term goal is to develop, manufacture and validate an automated and continuous thermal disassembly line for textile products, as well as its implementation in tandem with an automated sorting line for textiles. For more information about the project, please feel free to contact me.

 Fabrication de textiles industriels
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