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: 25 janv. 2017

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"HEPA Macedonia National organization for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity” is a non-governmental (non-profit) organization that is a public benefit organization established on 11 October 2005 year.  HEPA Macedonia is medium size National NGO.

Category: Physical Activity&Sport, Health & Wellness;   

Partnerships have been set up with different partners:

-  The higher academic institutions: University “St. Clement of Ohrid” Bitola, Faculty of Technology and Technical Sciences Veles, Study for Nutrition (2010-2016), and University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje, Faculty of Medicine (2005-2015);

-  Institutional actors: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Youth and Sports, and Government Department for cooperation with the Macedonian civil society;

-  National associations: Federation of Sports Pedagogues of Macedonia, Association of Doctors-Specialists of Sports Medicine at the Macedonian Medical Society (MMS), Macedonian Olympic Committee, and Macedonian Association for Obesity.

- President of “HEPA Macedonia”, Simovska Vera is a President of the Commission for scientific research at the Macedonian Association of Doctors-Specialists in Sports Medicine, MMS.

- The vision is to achieve better health through increased physical activity, balanced nutrition, and other healthier lifestyle among all people in the Republic of North Macedonia.  

The aim is to initiate national multi-sectoral approaches and network for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity, to give a stronger voice to physical activity promotion in the health policy of the country, and to develop the steps to implement national strategy and program for physical activity in the Republic of North Macedonia.

- Main goal: To strengthen and support efforts and actions that increase participation and improve the conditions favourable to a healthy lifestyle, in particular with respect to health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA).

- Main organization activities: All activities are based on the WHO HEPA Europe policy statements and corresponding statements from the European Commission, during the period of 2005-2020.

- To promote health through physical activity and healthy nutrition using a population-based approach;  

-  To support the formulation of National strategy and program for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity” National HEPA Programme” with the aim to target all age groups and populations: 

- To strengthen cooperation, partnership, and collaboration with other relevant programs, sectors, networks, and NGOs in the promotion of HEPA;

- Contributions to the health system reforms as a member of the Committee for the Advancement of the healthcare system in line with the European;        

-     In addition, providing the background for the identification and development of an overview of relevant “Action Plan for implementation of HEPA program” in North Macedonia;

-   Development of monitoring and surveillance system for physical activity and sport at the national level. Macedonian physical activity country card  (Global Observatory for Physical Activity, GoPA), International Society of Physical Activity and Health, and EACEA/"EUPASMOS Plus" - European physical activity and sport monitoring system;

- To establish specific outcomes, monitoring and evaluation, and deliverables for HEPA Europe;

Area of specific expertise

1. Health promotion in general: healthy lifestyle including skills for health, promotion of physical/sports activity and nutrition on individual and population levels in Macedonia (national, regional and local) ;

2. To support the formulation of National/regional strategy and program for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity HEPA); 

3. Research in the area of public health focused on the effects of the applied programmed physical activity and healthy nutrition at children, youth, adult, and older people:

  • To formulate organizational structure and establishment of national physical activity and sport monitoring framework;
  •  Research in the area of public health: promotion of physical activity and healthier nutrition, monitoring, and evaluation of outcomes;
  •  Effects of programmed physical activity at children, youth and adult population;
  •  Efficacy of physical activity on a reduction in diet-related risk factors for chronic diseases.

4. Teaching/advocacy - Continuing professional education (CME) 
- Lifelong learning, training seminars, workshops, professional-scientific conferences, and courses; 
- Mass media campaigns: “Move for Health”, “Quit & Win” and "World Heart Days", and European Commission “European Week of Sport  #BeActive”.

5. Policy and strategy documents:

- Initiation for Physical Activity Strategy/Programme in the Republic of North Macedonia;
-Legislation (Low for Sport); 
-Recommendations and guidelines for HEPA, healthy lifestyle, and nutrition.

- 2019, Participant, Creating National Strategy for the Development of the Concept for one Society and Interculturalism  


“HEPA Macedonia National organization for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity” is a member of the Government Committee for the nomination of the NGOs with the status of public benefit organizations in the Republic;

“HEPA Macedonia” is a collaborating partner of the “Institute of Sports Medicine” at the Public Health Institutions-Skopje (from the 2005 year up today);

HEPA Macedonia is a member of several International and European networks:

- 2006 up today: The WHO “HEPA Europe” network,

- 2005 up today: The “Move for Health” world network;

- 2006 up today: Member of the EUNAAPA “Action and Physical Activity on Ageing”; 

- 2006: WHO “Quit & Win”, “Tobacco-Free Sport and Physical Activity” 

- 2006 - 2015: Member, European College of Sports Sciences (ECSS);

- 2011-2013: Member of the EFAD network "Thematic Network of Dietetics";

- 2015: The “Global Observatory for Physical Activity (GoPA)”;

- 2019-2023: EUPASMOS network.



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