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Univ. Prof. Vera Simovska, MD., PhD

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2006 up today: Member, WHO HEPA EUROPE and “Move for Health” world network;
2006: Member, WHO "Quit and Win" for smoking cessation programme with the title “Tobacco-Free Sport and Physical Activity”;
2006 - 2008: Member, EUNAAPA network and research project for the "Action on Aging and Physical Activity (associate partner) ;
2009 - 2011: Member, Standing Committee for the Advancement of Healthcare system reforms at the Ministry of Health, Republic of Macedonia;
2010 – Member, Global Dialogue,
2010 - up today: Member, European Commission, PIC (Validated): 987948008
2008 - 2017: Member, West Balkan Research Directory;
2006 - up today: Member, European College of Sports Sciences (ECSS) ;
2011 – 2013: Member of the European "Thematic Network of Dietetics"-DIETS2 (the specific dietetic competencies implemented at the 2nd and 3rd cycle-University of Bitola “St. Clement of Ohrid”);
2011 - Interest representative: Synthesis report on the Public Consultation on the “European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing", EC/DG Health and Consumers and DG Information Society and Media, Brussels, Belgium.
2010-2013: Member, World Heart Federation - Organizing the World Heart Days:
2010 - " I work with heart";
2011 - "One World, One Home, One Heart" ;
2013 - “Take the road to a healthy heart”;                                                                      2018 - "My heart, your heart, our hearts";                                                                
2015: Presidential Organizing and Scientific Committees: OMICS International Euro GlobalSummit & Medicare Expo on Weight Loss: ”Innovative weight loss approaches overcome health risks associated with obesity”. August 18-20,2015 Frankfurt, Germany.

2015: Organizing Committee of the Scientific satellite symposium for International Euro Global Summit & Medicare Expo on weight Loss “ADVANCED PERSPECTIVES FOR BETTER FITNESS IN PUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION TO REDUCE OBESITY AND RELATEDCHRONIC DISEASES” -
2015: Preparation and creating the MACEDONIAN Physical Activity country card.

2009-2010: Healthcare system reforms: “Green Book”, Ministry of Health of Republic of Macedonia;

2018 - 2019: Contributing to the creation of governmental politics:                            Topics: healthcare & public health, education, youth and sport                                   

- National strategy for physical activity and health/HEPA strategy (2018-2025),             

- National strategy for multiculturism and open government for all: Committee for    Youth and Sport, as well as Education.

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