: 23 mai 2018

A propos

scarabeolab is a place where actualize ideas and projects through regional, national and EU grants and opportunities.

it has a simple sed ambitious purpose: making more comprehensible and useful the calls and funding rules currently active, giving an attentive listening and a concrete help to whom want to transform an idea in a successful project.

scarabeolab is commited to avoid useless time waste caused by bureaucracy and technical languages, acting as a 'filter' for the clients. It will take care of partnership management, internal communication and dialogue with others public/private subject envolved in the project.

scarabeolab is also a lab that offers concrete solutions to enterprises, organizations, associations and public subjects;  it's made up by two professionals, Elisabetta Costantino and Vito Angelo.

Secteurs d'expertise:

 Développement durable
 Développement urbain
 Europe créative
 Europe pour les citoyens
 Programme Droits, Égalité et Citoyenneté
 Direction financière

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 Innovation sociale
 Affaires sociales et inclusion
 Gestion urbaine
 Villes intelligentes
 Développement urbain
 Europe pour les citoyens
 Social et Bien-être
Scope: This measure aims at supporting projects promoted by transnational partnerships and networks directly involving citizens. Those projects gather citizens from different horizons, in activities directly linked to Union policies, with a view to give them an opportunity to actively participate in the Union policy-making process in areas related to the objectives of the Programme. As a remind ...
Date de clôture 1 sept. 2020   - 97 jours